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1.    I would like to participate/enroll my child in the weekly classes of the Broadway

Musical Theatre Program; do you offer classes outside of Key Biscayne?

While members of our creative team work privately with selected individuals throughout

South Florida, the Musical Theatre program is only offering group classes on Key

Biscayne presently.  Going forward we expect to be offering the same program in the

greater Miami area – check our website for continually updated information regarding

group classes outside of Key Biscayne and leave your contact information with us to

receive additional updates.

2.    I am not an equity actor, can I audition for your large productions?

Auditions for Broadway Musical Theatre’s large scale productions are open to anyone

who desires to perform on stage.  What our casting directors look for is individual talent,

a passion for musical theatre and that intense hunger to develop one’s ability to perform

on stage.   Simply put – experience is not necessary but all of the above is.

3.    I am XX years old, am I too young/old to audition?

It all depends on the role, however if you think you’re a fit see question #2 to see what

we look for.

4.   I am currently attending a theater program at an academic institution; can I

audition/participate in a Broadway Musical Theatre production?  If I perform with

Broadway Musical Theatre, can I perform with other groups?

Yes – and yes.  While a solid understanding of the fundamentals and theory of musical

theatre is indispensable, it is our firm belief that practical “onstage” experience is the

scarcest resource of all and thus the most difficult for aspiring performers to attain.  We

strongly believe that any limitations placed on aspiring individuals to perform on stage

only serves to hinder their development and as such - we strongly encourage all of our

talent to seek out any opportunities to perform on stage – whether they are within

Broadway Musical Theatre or with any outside productions.

5.    How are casting decisions made?

Broadway Musical Theatre prides itself on having one of the most transparent and

egalitarian processes of cast selection.  Simply stated, all casting is done purely on merit

– meaning the most talented individual will always be selected for the role.  While some

organizations, may base their selections on seniority (ie:  juniors and seniors only) –   it is

our firm tenet that talent, regardless of age, should be the ultimate arbiter in the selection

process.  All auditions are done in person and are performed within view of all other

applicants as well as our casting directors.   Our                            have many years of

experience in various facets of the entertainment industry and firmly believe that outside

of the ivory towers of academia, aspiring performers will need to be prepared to be

measured against their peers.   In short, casting for principal roles will be competitive,

open to everyone, and completely transparent.  Gaining the experience auditioning is the

first step in developing the confidence to perform on stage – therefore all applicants,

whether or not they are selected for a role will receive feedback regarding their audition.

6.   I am not an actor, singer or dancer but have a strong interest in working

backstage in a production, is that possible?  Do I have to be in the union to be a

part of the backstage crew?

While Broadway Musical Theatre’s main focus is on the development of the individual

performer, we have on occasion developed highly motivated individuals for roles

backstage – light/sound technician, stage manager, set design ect.  As Broadway

Musical Theatre is non-union, we are able to be highly innovative, flexible and extremely

efficient when it comes to our                      - the success of which attests to the

dynamism and passion of our backstage crew and technicians.


casting directors